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House Clearance Companies

By | May 25, 2016 | Photographers SEO | No Comments

We are quite often asked if we can provide details of House Clearance and disposal companies. Whilst we don’t normally recommend just any old company, we ave put together a list of a few companies who you may find helpful when looking for a company to clear your property.

Totally Cleared – Totally Cleared are property clearance specialists based in the Midlands. They work for many of the big property management companies, but also cover smaller jobs. From small properties, to mansions and contract work, they can do it all. They also provide end of tenancy clean and clears, garden clearance and more.

Cleared Wright are an independent family run business that focus more on asset disposal than house clearance in its rawest sense. They will find ways to sell on and reuse as much as is possible, and if your property is full of usable items, and not to much rubbish, they should be

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