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Taking Care Of Your Antiques

By | October 2, 2015 | Photographers SEO | No Comments

Have you just started collecting antiques or have you been given some beautiful heirlooms and haven’t a clue how to care of them?

Antiques can be a wonderful reminder of our family, history or even an exotic touch from another place and time. Caring for these special items makes sure they can be passed down to another generation or sold at the possible greatest value.

Sites such as the BBC, Antiques-UK and YouTube provide all kinds of information and videos on caring for antiques. If you are in doubt contact a professional conservator. The following will provide further help in caring for your antiques.

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With glass, pottery and porcelain, avoid extremes and handle carefully. Wash individually in a padded washing basin to prevent chips. Use warm water – never hot or cold – and a gentle cleanser with a soft bristled brush. Don’t ever put antique glasses or dishe

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