Website Contact Form Spam Email – No.5

This one came through one of our websites contact us forms. Why do they keep bothering???

Are people really that vain that they pay strangers from unsolicited emails to get more likes on Instagram?

From: Jason <>
Subject: Followers

Message Body:
Get famous on social media! Get social media followers at low prices delivered instantly in less than 24 hours. 100 Safe, No password (or any account access) required! Get more visitors within hours! Also try our NEW Instagram automatic likes service, you will love it!

Renting a domain – Is it for you?

Recently, we have added a number of domains to our Domains For Sale page, and we included an option of renting a domain. This has lead to us having a few questions asked about the merits and advantages, together with the dis-advantages of using a domain in this way. All the questions were perfectly valid, and we’ll run over a few of the issues in this post, and explain in greater depth, what happens when you rent a domain. Continue reading “Renting a domain – Is it for you?”

Black Hat SEO – What Not To Do

While there are many legitimate skills in SEO, there are also those that can work but if you get caught using them the results can be disastrous. When the internet became popular many techniques were employed to get websites to the top of the search results, because at that point the search engines used a much simpler algorithm. As these tricks were used to exploit the simpler algorithms, they were also used by the search engines to make the algorithms more advanced. Let’s look at a few tricks. Continue reading “Black Hat SEO – What Not To Do”