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  • Latest Twitter Spam DM’s

    Posted September 3, 2012 By in Photographers SEO With | 5 Comments

    Back in June, we wrote a blog post with help and advise if your Twitter had been hacked. It can be found here – My Twitter Account Has Been Hacked. Since then, many of the spam DM’s that give the nasty hackers access to your account have changed. They now seem to have moved on …

  • Google Changes – Copyright Material

    Posted August 14, 2012 By in SEO Hints and Tips With | No Comments

    Google has this week announced that it will be changing it algorithm that ranks sites in the listing to include a factor  covering copyright infringement. This will apply to any sites that have been reported through Googles own copyright removal requests, and sites that get reported will be moved lower down the search engine rankings. Everyone should know that …

  • Custom QR Codes

    Posted August 13, 2012 By in Photographers SEO With | 1 Comment

    Here at Badges Patches we like to keep up with the ever changing technology, and understand that now mobile marketing is becoming a big part of the market. This is where QR codes come into it. But who wants a boring black one, when you can have your own custom QR Code. Just in case …

  • Content For Your Blog

    Posted August 9, 2012 By in Photographers SEO With | 1 Comment

    When many photographers start a blog, they wonder as to what should be included in it, and how they go about creating content for it. Do they simply post about tasks they have completed, or do they write about anything and everything? There are 3 main things to remember are: Uniqueness, Relevance and Recent. That is to say …

  • Not all backlinks are good

    Posted By in Photographers SEO With | No Comments

    If you have too many bad links for your site can not only lower your site’s importance in the page rankings of search engines it can also encourage some search engines like Lycos, Yahoo and Google to permanently remove your site from their search engine ranking pages. This is something you do not want to …

  • Five Big SEO Do’s

    Posted July 31, 2012 By in Photographers SEO With | No Comments

    We recently published an article called ‘Five Big Seo Don’ts‘ so here is the five things you should do to help your photography website. Whether your web site is big or small there are five basic things that are must do’s when it comes to optimising your website for the search engines. Number 1: The …

  • Five Big Seo Don’ts

    Posted By in Photographers SEO With | No Comments

    When search engine optimising your web pages there are five basic things you should avoid doing or all of your hard work trying to achieve rankings will go to waste. Number 1: First of all avoid using cloaking mechanisms. This is automated software that doesn’t work unless it knows the IP address of a search …

  • How to get more Twitter followers (Real one’s that is)

    Posted July 16, 2012 By in Photographers SEO With | No Comments

    Twitter is one of the great social media sites, and is a brilliant way to let people know what your doing, where you doing it, and to interact with friends, colleagues, customers and potential customers. However, many people join, follow Stephen Fry, Justin Bieber and a few other celebs, posts a few tweets and then wonder …

  • My Twitter Account Has Been Hacked

    Posted July 12, 2012 By in Photographers SEO With | No Comments

    When your Twitter account gets hacked, many things could happen. One of the most common things to happen is that all your followers (who you’re also following) will receive a DM (Direct Message). The message normally takes a standard format, and is along the lines of: Hello some person is making very bad rumors about …

  • Meta Tags Explained

    Posted July 9, 2012 By in Photographers SEO With | No Comments

    Meta Tags are little pieces of information, that you can enter into most websites, to explain to the search engines what your site or page is all about. They shouldn’t be the same across your whole site, with the Meta Tags being tailored to each and every page of your website. When a search engine …

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