Social Media

Social Media is the main way in which many companies now communicate directly with their clients. This could be offering customer support, new product promotion, acquisition of new customers, or letting people know your latest offers and products. However, managing all the different ‘channels’ for companies can pose problems, and keeping all the profiles continually updated can be very time consuming.

Managing Facebook

We have found that the companies that come to us asking for social media help, fall into different categories:

  • Those wanting a total social management plan, where we handle all the companies social media for them.
  • Requests for training, and software, that can make using media easier, and quicker.
  • Social Media setup and integration. Asking us to setup social media accounts on your behalf, and integrate them to websites, and other accounts.
  • More likes, and followers.

Managing Twitter

How we can help:

We can offer a full service to manage all your social networking. This would include posting on your behalf and answering simple questions. We always make it appear like its you posting, and respond to questions as quickly as possible.

Social media sites are great for integration. We can integrate your website so that the latest news from you is posted across all the networks, making it easier to keep in touch with your customers. We can also integrate the social media accounts, so they all post to each other.

We can train your staff on the best way to manage all the accounts, and what should / shouldn’t be posted across different networks. We can advice on the best way to get more followers, likes and hopefully more customers.

Managing your online reputation is vitally important. We can help you with this, and ensure that anything negative is handled in a professional manner, allowing any further readers to see how professional you are.

Managing Google Plus

Ignoring social media is a big mistake that many companies make. Your customers want to get hold you, and get answers at all times of the day and night, seven days a week. they want to see what your up to, and what is new within the company. With our help, we can bring you closer to your customers.



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