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Here at Badges Patches we like to keep up with the ever changing technology, and understand that now mobile marketing is becoming a big part of the market. This is where QR codes come into it. But who wants a boring black one, when you can have your own custom QR Code.

Just in case you don’t know, we’ll briefly explain what a QR code is, and how it can be used to help your business. A QR code is a square image, that has lots of weird shapes in it. When scanned by a compatable mobile phone, the code tells the mobile to do something. That may be to visit a website, call a phone number, get ready to send an email to an address enter, give you a money of voucher, the list is long and extensive as to what a QR code can do.
The code needs to be scanned by a mobile phone, that has one of the many QR code reader apps installed. As these codes become more popular, more people are downloading the apps and know what these codes are all about.

A plain QR Code
This is a normal QR code.

But, the problem with QR codes is that they are a bit……. well……. Boring. Almost all the QR codes you see are black, and may have some text round them saying ‘scan this’ or something similar. But they never get away from being black – until now!

Badges Patches are pleased to announce that we have a method of making custom, funky, interesting, vibrant and enticing QR codes that will amaze your customers and encourage that scan to take place.

Custom QR Code From Badges Patches
Any colour is possible, and gradient, and almost any pattern.
  • Pick a colour, any colour and that can be your QR code colour! Darker colours do work best, but it gets away from the constant black.
  • Insert YOUR logo in the middle of it! Make that QR code truly yours by having your logo in there.
  • Have QR codes that link to all your social networks, with icons that people recognise and understand! Currently supported is Dribbble, Facebook, Facebook Like, FourSquare, Google Place, Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest, RSS, Twitter, Yelp and YouTube.
  • Stand out from your competitors, and have something on your business card that will be the first talking point when people take your business card!
Get Funky with custom colour QR codes
Get some funky colours, and have your logo in the middle!


Qr codes can be used in many different areas. Business cards, Labels, Mailings, Packaging are just a few ideas. Basically, think of somewhere you can put one, and they can go there, even on Bottles of wine, or a label on the back of photograph prints (linking to your web gallery).

Custom QR Code
Custom QR Code

Currently we are offering 5 different styles for the QR codes, and in any colour you desire! All these designs with our logo in the middle are slightly different. Some have hard edges, some have smooth edges, some have rounded corners.

Custom QR Code
Custom QR Code

All codes start from just £19.99 so contact us today with your needs, and we can provide a detailed quotation for you.

A custom QR code with Polka Dots. Different colours available.
Polka Dots!


PS. If you are a developer, and would like to offer these to your clients, contact us for an extra special rate.

Some for the Social Networks:

Starting of with 2 choices for Facebook. Although we have done these 2 in blue, they can come in any colour you wish. Also, the style can be changed like those above, to have hard square edges, rounded edges, smooth edges etc.

A QR code that links to your Facebook account or Facebook page for business.
Facebook Like Logo – Goes to Our Facebook Page
A Facebook QR code, that can be used to link to anywhere on Facebook.
Facebook Logo – Goes to our Facebook Page

FourSquare. We don’t have a foursquare account, so this just points to the main homepage for foursquare. Imagine ahving this at the entrance to any premises, so customers can just scan it, and then their logged as visiting you?

A FourSquare QR code allows people to register at your location.
Foursquare Logo

Google+. This links direct to our Google+ page. We decided to go a bit funky with the colours here. But try scanning it, it still works! Feel free to add us to your circles.

Google + QR Code that could link to your circle, or business page.
Google+ QR code

And finally for now, Twitter. this links right to our Twitter account, so people can follow us, if they wish.

A Custom QR code just for Twitter, with the Twitter logo in the middle.
Links to our twitter account

Remember to read above to see all the other social networks that we can include as well!

Contact us today to get your own custom QR codes. Email

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