Latest Twitter Spam DM’s

Back in June, we wrote a blog post with help and advise if your Twitter had been hacked. It can be found here – My Twitter Account Has Been Hacked. Since then, many of the spam DM’s that give the nasty hackers access to your account have changed.

They now seem to have moved on from wanting control of your Twitter account, to wanting to control your Facebook account. It was inevitable that this would happen. The old spam DM’s were low in number, and once people had been bitten once, it was very unlucky that they would have it happen to them again.

Here are some of the latest Spam DM’s that are doing the rounds:

hey this person is making up offensive things that are about you
what are you doing in this viddeoo ROFL 
hey this user is making up shocking things that are about you
what are you doing with him n this video
wat r u doing with him in this vidd  ROFL 
you didnt tell me you had a video
the link i sent before was messed up!
wow your busted in this video!
whatt are you doing in this fb vid ?
precisely what could you be doing on this video clip omg weird 
hey this user is making up dreadful posts that are about you 
lol ur famous now
hey someone is writing cruel things that are about you  

We’ve removed the links form them, to protect you from clicking on them inadvertently.

All of the above, were received to our accounts between Friday 31 August 2012 and Monday 3rd September 2012. There were a few more, but they were very similar to those above.

Needless to say, never click any links in DM’s like this. Its always best to contact the person that you think sent them, and ask them if they did. If they didn’t, then just delete the DM, and forget all about it.

If you have clicked the link, and then entered your login details for either Facebook or Twitter, then please see our previous post, Help My Twitter Account Has Been Hacked.

We will try to keep this list updated, to let you know of the latest Twitter DM spam. If you know of any more, please comment below.


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