How do I add and edit a page?

A page for your site, is somewhere to place information, that you would like to be kept at the front. A page is normally used to showcase something, such as a speciality, where as a post is normally used to display recent achievements, or views.

To explain, if your a photographer, you may have a page for Wedding Photography, but would write a post for Jack and Jill’s wedding. You can then leave your wedding page in place, and write more posts for each wedding you do.

To add a page:

In your websites admin panel, hover your mouse over the tab that says ‘Pages’. The menu will the flyout, giving you options for ‘All Pages’ and ‘Add New’. Click Add new.

On the page that then loads, add your page title, and and content that you would like included in that page.

On the right hand side of the screen, you will see a blue button that says ‘Publish’. Click this when you have finished.

That’s it, you page is now ‘Live’.

To edit a page:

In your websites admin panel, hover your mouse over the tab that says ‘Pages’. The menu will the flyout, giving you options for ‘All Pages’ and ‘Add New’. Click ‘All Pages’.

The page that loads will display a list of the pages that you have written. In that list, find the one you wish to edit. Hover your mouse over the page title, and a number of links appear below the page title. Click ‘Edit’.

This then loads the page you saw when you wrote the page. Carry out any changes you wish to make, and then click ‘Puiblish’ again.

The changes have now been made, and the page is now live to view.

How do I put a link to my page in the sites menu bar?

The menu bar appears on every page of your site. It normally includes links such as ‘Home’ ‘Contact Us’ etc. To add a link to the page you’ve just written from this bar:

In your websites admin panel, on the left hand side, hover your mouse over the ‘Appearence’ tab. The menu flys out, and you want to click on ‘Menus’.

This then loads the page that controls the menus. There will be a box that says ‘Pages’. In that box, find the title of the page you wish to add. Next to the title will be a small box, click in this and it will place a tick, meaning we wish to add this page.

At the bottom of the pages menu, is a button that says ‘add to menu’, click this, and you will see the page title appear in the big right hand side.

Click the blue ‘Save Menu’ button, and your done.

Go to your home page and check, and it will now be there on the menu.

How do I change how my website looks?

Changing the appearance of your website, is as simple as clicking a few buttons.

The appearance of your website is controlled by pieces of software called ‘Themes’. We have already installed many of these Themes, and will now explain how you can change between them, and change the appearance of your site.

In your admin panel for your site, on the left hand side is a tab that says ‘Appearance’, click on this.

The screen that then loads, shows the ‘Theme’ that is currently installed at the top, and all other themes are listed below, and on subsequent pages.

Under each available Themes, you can see 2 links, Activate and Preview.

Activate will change the theme immediatly, so what is seen on the public view of your website is that Theme.

Preview will open a window that shows how your website would look, should you choose to install that Theme. From the preview screen, if you like what you see, you can click in the top right corner, where it says ‘Activate Theme Name’, or click on the top left hand side, where there is a small x to close the preview screen.

Changing Themes will only change what is ion the ‘Public’ side of your site, and do not change how your admin looks.

Installed Plugins

Here is a list of the plugins that are currently installed onto the websites. We will keep this list updated, as we add more.

  • Akismet
  • All In One SEO
  • All In One Webmaster
  • Bluetrait Event Viewer
  • BulletProof Security
  • Category Sticky Posts
  • Contact Form 7
  • E-Newsletter
  • Jetpack by
  • Login Lockdown
  • NextGen Gallery
  • PPinger
  • Quick Adsense
  • SEO Smart Links
  • Subpages Extended
  • TentBlogger SEO Categories
  • W3 Total cache
  • WP Mail SMTP
  • WP Stats Dashboard
  • WP Security Scan
  • WPtouch
  • XML Sitemap Feed
  • YD Recent Posts with thumbnails
  • Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

If there is a plugin that you would like to use, that isn’t on the list, then please do contact us. As long as it doesn’t interfere with the other plugins, and would of benefit, we would normally install it for you.

All of these plugins are controlled in the admin panel of your website. You can turn them on or off, and configure how they work. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to raise a support ticket.