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Received 21st April 2018

From: Mr. Kante Simone <>
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From: "Mr. Kante Simone" <>
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To: ******
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Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2018 15:56:12 
Subject: Hello

I know this email will come to you as unsolicited considering the fact that you do not know me or my boss directly . Presently i am saddled with the responsibility to urgently search for a partner for a mutual and confidential business relationship. I resulted to this medium as the only means available  at the moment to achieve the desired goal

 My name is Mr. Kante Simone, presently living in UK. I worked directly under The Late  Muammar Gaddafi family and then Government.

After the sad death of the fomer president his family shipped out of the country Family treasures of about 50 containers which contains trunks of cash ie Euros ,British pounds,U.S.A dollars,Swiss France and other items like Gold,Silvers and Diamonds.

 I in my capacity as a loyal and trusted ally of the family has been mandated to look for a capable hand that can handle this investment project.

i am willing and eager to share more details which includes the amount of cash involved with the other valuables and also discuss terms of this business relationship with you if only you are interested.

 Your quick and timely response will be appreciated to enable me explain in details all you need to know and the way forward.

You can contact me via this e-mail   or phone number +44 7440940457 

Best regards,

Kante Simone

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