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There are many bits of complete SEO software out there that will help you to keep track of how well your website in the search engines for certain keywords. We have tried and tested many of them, and found many flaws that just don’t justify the expense. That was until we were refereed onto Advanced Web Ranking by a fellow SEO consultant. We thought that being told ‘It’s the Mutts Nutts’ was a bit over the top, as many of these software’s come with glowing reviews, well at least that was until we started using it.

Just for clarity, we will state that we have been using this software for 7 days, have it tracking 12 websites, and each website has at least 10 target keywords. We set the software to update every day, and did not use any proxies, just our normal internet connection.

Install Advanced Web Ranking.

The installation is a simple process. It is just a case of download the files from the website (, and install onto your system. The software comes with a range of sample data, that enables to view what you may see with your sites.

Once installed adding new sites is a simple few clicks and your done process. You enter your website address, name and keywords, and the software does the rest. Unlike many other software’s, Advanced Web Ranking doesn’t want to know when your granny was born, or your inside leg measurement, it just needs the important data.

Features Of Advanced Web Rankings.

This programme is very feature rich, but not resource hungry on your computer. All the features are listed on the left hand side of the programme, and changing between them is a simple click of the mouse. Let’s run through them all:

Rankings: This feature allows you to keep track of where your website stands for many keywords within the many search engines. You choose what search engines to use, be that,, Bing, Yahoo and many more. The rankings are displayed on an easy to understand graph, and changing the data that appears is a simple few click process. Having to ability to track against competitors, over time, choosing one search engine, displaying more or less keywords, makes this programme easy to use, and see what you need to see.

View your website rankings with an easy to understand graph
The website rankings graph

Good Point – We have tested many programmes just on our normal internet connection (no proxy) and it normally gets through one or two websites before Google kicks our ip address for over use and we have to wait a few hours to try again. Having 12 websites in this programme, our ip has never been restricted by google :-).

Analytics: Integration with your Google Analytics account allows you to view all your analytics data within the programme. When you set it up at first, it can download the prior 6mths worth of data for you as well.

Links: How many links does your website have, and how many do your competitors have? There are many websites that offer this service, and it can all get a bit ocnfussing. With Advanced Web Ranking, you can choose to view the data from different sources.

Social: Many people are now saying that social is incredible important. But how do you keep track of it? Well, in this programme you can see how many Facebook Shares, Twitter Shares and Google +1’s your getting on your site. The funky graph lets you see how things have changed over time, and you can view your competitors stats as well!

Research: There are many features in the research area. Keyword research uses your Google Analytics login to get the data from the Google Adwords Tool. Keyword difficulty lets you know how hard it would be to rank page one for a keyword. There are many other tools as well.

The one that most intrigued us, is the website auditor one. However, we only got it to work on a couple of occasions, and really struggled to get it to select our website that we were currently working on. This is an area we feel the developers could work on a bit more.

Reports: Quite possible the best, and most comprehensive reports system we have seen. And that’s not over stating it. The reports are clear, concise, and great for showing clients how their sites are doing. The ability to now upload to cloud, or your own ftp hosting, for clients and colleagues to download and view makes sharing the data really easy.

All in, Advanced Web Ranking is a quick, Stable and above all useful programme, that anyone who has a website would enjoy using. Its features are vast (we’ve only scratched the surface with this review), and the data it spews out is easy to read, understand and interpret.

We at Badges Patches would give this programme 8 out of 10. It would have been 9, if it was easier to understand how to get your website into the website auditor, like it is with the many other features.

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