How to Add Images to a Blog

Images on a Blog can make it look really good, and for most photographers, its a must. Here we will breifly explain how to add images to your Blog pages.


Firstly, click Posts > Add New, or Pages Add New.

Add Images to a Photographers Website
Adding a Blog Image

In the screen that opens, just above the main text box, it says Upload/Insert followed by a small symbol. Like this:

Where to click to add images
Click anywhere it says Upload/insert

Click either the symbol, or the words. If you hover the mouse over it, a box will open saying ‘Add Media’.

When you click that, a new layer window will open, giving you the options to either Drag and Drop the picture in, or click to select a file to upload.

Drag and Drop Images, or select files to upload

If you know how to open file manager, navigate to your images, make it half a screen, and simple select and drag your chosen image over the box, then release.

Otherwise, select choose images, file manager will open, and you can double click on your chosen image.

Your images will then upload, and a new screen with a number of options will open.


You can see on the image above where the caption shows up. Hover your mouse over the image, and you will see where the title appears. The alt text is hidden, but important to search engines, so put some keywords here.

WordPress tries to auto select the sizing of the images, and their placement. You can change this if you want to.

When your finished, select ‘Insert into post’ and the image will appear where the¬†cursor¬†was when you clicked to upload images. You can then carry on writing, or add more images.

To edit an image, go back to edit the post or page that the image is on. Click the image, and 2 symbols appear in the top left of the image. The red circle with a line through it deletes the image, and the other symbol edits the image.

Note 1. There is a 1mb limit for the size of any files uploaded.

Note 2. Some themes use ‘Featured Images’ to display on the front page. If you want an image to be a featured image, click the ‘featured image’ link before clicking ‘Insert into post’.


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