Five Big SEO Do’s

We recently published an article called ‘Five Big Seo Don’ts‘ so here is the five things you should do to help your photography website.

Whether your web site is big or small there are five basic things that are must do’s when it comes to optimising your website for the search engines.

Number 1:

The first key thing is to take the time to do a careful search of all of your keywords and key phrases and make sure that they really do relate to what you are selling. Use a good program like Google Adwords Keyword Tools or hire us to do professional keyword research as not knowing your keywords is like driving blind in the dark. There is also no point in targeting keywords that no one is searching for.

Number 2:

Make sure you write a short descriptive title tag of what each page of your site is all about before you submit it to the search engines. This information can also help the users that are searching for you locate you easily. Avoid the temptation of creating title tags that are longer than 30 characters, since they might have a dilution effect in your rankings of certain search engines.

Number 3:

Make sure that the main text on your web page has the same as the keywords contained in your title tag. This is so that the search engines have something to hook into when they search your site. Try and repeat these keywords two to three times in the main body of the text without sounding repetitive. You should try to keep your keyword density to around 5% of the article total.

Number 4:

Add a sitemap to your site as that assists both the search engines and users in assessing your pages. It also helps Google properly index your site. This sitemap can be submitted to Google using the Webmaster Tools interface. The sitemap helps search engines find all the pages on your site.

Number 5:

Another tip is to build links to your site, from a variety of different sources. Increasing the number of links that point to your site will boost you in the results pages. You should only link from pages that have similar themes to your site, and stay away from bad “neighborhoods” or from so-called link farms or FFA sites. Make sure you have links from Forums, articles, social networks, other blogs, bookmarking sites etc.

For help and assistance with any of this, to make your photography site go up through the rankings, please contact us. If you know of anymore Big SEO Do’s, please comment below.

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